NASA Announced 7 New Planets, And The Internet Tried To Help Name Them!

NASA recently announced that they have discovered a new solar system with 7 new planets that could support life! If that’s not mind-blowing enough, they have now turned to the internet for help in naming these planets! This could either turn out incredibly helpful and creative or very counter-productive but still hilarious!

Indy100 reports that the new solar system is about 235 trillion miles away and all 7 planets are roughly the same size as Earth. Of those 7 planets, 3 of them could potentially be able to support water, and ergo, life. NASA then turned to Twitter in hopes of finding some inspiration to name these planets….

Naturally, Twitter took the hashtag #7NamesFor7NewPlanets to a whole new level!

Even Harry Potter fans got into it, giving their own suggestions!

And if that’s not enough, here’s a classic, simple and yet very helpful list of name suggestions!

What would you name the 7 new planets?


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