SPOILER: Who Died On Last Night’s ‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale?

Before you get mad at me…

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was an emotional one that almost saw several people die. Like…SEVERAL! In case you missed it, the weird junk yard people turned on Rick, opting to work for The Saviors instead of Alexandria. After that, all hell broke loose! Fast forward a bit, and we see Rick and his son Carl on their knees in front of Negan, who announced that he is going to kill Carl, but will try to make ti quick because he likes him. Crazy right?

Negan raises Lucille (his barbed wire wrapped bat) in the air, and is in mid swing when BOOM! The Hilltop and The Kingdom saved the day at the very last minute.

But, last night’s episode was not without death. Other than a few B players, the only major death was of Sasha. She took the suicide pill Eugene gave her and came out at the end as a walker, attempting to end Negan herself. She failed.

The episode closed with an extremely PO’ed Negan announcing to his disciples “We’re going to war!”

Mashable‘s recap says it eloquently, “Now our forces are united against the Saviors and ready for “All Out War,” the 12-issue arc in Robert Kirkman’s comics that sees Rick and his group attempting to take down Negan once and for all. And thanks to the note that Dwight left (via a carved soldier, fittingly) confirming that he didn’t know about the double-cross, now the Alexandrians and their allies have an inside man to use against Negan in Season 8.”

Season 8 cannot get here fast enough!

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