Thousands Of Spiders Cover Field With Giant Web [VIDEO]

A family vacationing in New Zealand got a terrifying surprise, when they noticed a thin sheet covering a very large field.

After looking closer, they noticed it was one huge spider web that was created by thousands of spiders. It got even worse when they noticed that the spiders were still on the web!

“So, as you do, we screamed really loudly. Oh my god, they were everywhere ― literally thousands of them,” Tracy Morris said, when she noticed the spiders.

Morris recalled reading that spiders will create a web like that to escape a flood, according to Huff Post.

“The other way to get around, especially with smaller spiders, is they will point their bums in the air and release a line of silk ― it’s called ballooning. The wind picks them up, releases them along the way and they land and that piece of silk lands with them. It’s like spider parachutes,” a spider expert said about the giant web.

The family says it was the most fascinating thing they’ve ever seen in their lives. As for us, we probably won’t be traveling to New Zealand any time soon.



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