You’re Probably Making These Phone Charging Mistakes

Smartphones have become are best friends, and just like friends, you should love them and treat them well.

Well most of us aren’t treating our smartphones as good as we could and we don’t even realize it! You may have heard that there are a bunch of things you should do to preserve your battery, but a lot of them are urban myths.

Check out this list from BroBible on the ways you SHOULD charge your phone.

  • Charge a little bit whenever you can.
  • Try not to exhaust your battery all the way down and then charge it.
  • Keep your battery charged more than 50 percent.
  • Do one full discharge about once a month for calibration.
  • Don’t keep your phone charging all of the time.
  • Try to take your phone off the charger before it hits 100 percent capacity.
  • Optimal charging starts when your phone goes down to 50 percent, then charge it to around 80 percent in one session
  • Don’t overheat your phone; your battery will degrade much faster when it’s hot.
  • Avoid wireless charging because it causes excess heat that hurts your battery.
  • You can absolutely leave your phone on the charger overnight, the charger and battery recognize when they are full and make adjustments. It is actually better for you to leave your phone on the charger for hours on end than to run it down to empty and then charge it back up.
  • Charging your phone periodically throughout the day allows you to use battery-draining functions that you may not use normally such as GPS.

Also letting your phone die is NOT good for the battery. This is because the battery then has to fill up on charge AFTER it’s empty, which is harmful to the battery.

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