Father Who Confessed To Murdering His Son and Feeding His Body To Pigs Gets Life In Prison

Michael Jones, who plead guilty to first degree murder was just sentenced to life in prison. In 2015, him and his wife were charged for the murder of their son Adrian Jones. The 7 year old boy was starved to death, and his parents fed his body to pigs. The last few months of his life were hectic as he was only let out once a day, and spent most of his time in his parents bedroom. Adrian was found dead on Thanksgiving 2015, and his remains were found in a barn on the family property. A corner in Kansas said that the boys bones has been in the pig for several weeks by the time they were discovered. In fact, the corner believes the boy could’ve died in September or October of 2015. The bones were discovered as the police responded to a domestic violence call at this home. The police were told that the couple hadn’t seen their son in several days, then in a search officers found remains of a human body. The couples 6 other children were removed from the home, and placed into foster care.

Adrian had been suffering from PTSD and emotional detachment from the abuse he was receiving at home. According to officers, the abuse got worse over time and dozens of calls were made to children services on behalf of Adrian. However, his family constantly moved, and home schooled him to ensure that teachers wouldn’t make their own reports.

The home had more than 30 cameras, where some of the abuse the boy encountered was caught on tape. In some of the videos it shows Adrian being beat with brooms. It even shows him having to stand in a pool overnight while water was at the same level as his neck. His parents often trapped Adrian naked in a shower, and trapped him down to tables. Adrian’s family had even placed an alarm system on the refrigerator so the boy couldn’t eat. The grandmother of Adrian says the videos were so horrifying that she threw up. For more click HEREĀ 


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