This “Magical” Pizza Is Claimed To Help Induce Labor

When the baby is on the way and the due date is near, soon-to-be mothers hear all kinds of things when it comes to what can help them induce labor. While there’s all kinds of tips and tricks, you probably haven’t heard of PIZZA as being something that can help start the process.

RedBookMag reports that a pregnant woman in North Carolina ate some spicy pizza fromĀ Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar, and 4 hours later went into labor. What made her think it might of been the pizza?

Well a few weeks later her friend who was also due to have a baby ate the same pizza, and she went into labor shortly after eating the pizza too!

Sure enough, people from all over the country have been traveling to this exact restaurant to get their hands on that spicy buffalo pizza.

The restaurant’s owner says that it’s probably the buffalo sauce, and that he’s happy that the town’s hospital is only down the street,

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