‘Deadliest Catch’ Star, Sig Hansen Arrested After Allegedly Spitting On Uber Driver

Sig Hansen was arrested on Thursday morning for allegedly spitting on an Uber driver, and kicking the car.

Komo News reported that the incident occurred in Seattle around 2 am Thursday morning.

Police stated that the Uber driver picked up Hansen along with another man and 2 women. For some reason the ride was cancelled in the app mid-ride, meaning that the Uber driver would not be paid.

Apparently the driver requested that Hansen and the other passengers request another ride through the app but they instead offered him cash, which Uber does not allow drivers to accept.

When Hansen and the other passengers exited the car, the driver said that Hansen spit on him and also dented his car by kicking it.

Hansen sent out a series of tweets Thursday afternoon apologizing for the altercation.


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