Study Finds Women From California Tend To Be The Nicest

Proud to be an American? How about proud to be a Californian? The list just got bigger.

A new study ranked women in every state by how FRIENDLY they are.  They figured out the numbers by using data from an app called Chatrandom . . . and they measured how long women in every state would chat with someone before moving on.

Women in California talked to people for an average of 15 minutes and eight seconds before going to a new chat.  Mississippi women were second, at 14 minutes and 37 seconds . . . and Washington women were third, at 14 minutes and eight seconds.

On the other end of the scale, New York women were the least friendly.  They’d move on after an average of just ONE minute and 13 seconds.  New Jersey women are the second-least friendly, at one minute and 56 seconds.  And Florida women are third, at two minutes and 32 seconds.

Be proud if you’re from California, you’ve got a heart as warm as the California sun.

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