YouTube Star Apologizes For Coercing Teenage Fans To Make Twerking Videos

YouTube star Austin Jones, who was arrested earlier this week for two counts of production of child pornography, is now apologizing for his behavior.

According to Billboard, the 24-year-old singer admitted he requested two girls to “prove” they were his biggest fans by sending him videos of them twerking. However, the girls were aged 14 and 15, and Jones admitted to police that he knew their ages when he asked for the videos.

In a 17-minute long video, Jones tried to explain himself and apologize for his behavior. He said:

“I used to ask fans for twerking videos. It’s not something that I’m proud of, it’s not something that I think is right and I shouldn’t have done it…….. Nothing ever went further than twerking videos. There were never any nudes, never any physical contact, it never happened.”

You can watch the full apology video below.

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