Bad Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Became Famous

If you’re ever feeling down about your job, just know there are celebrities that used to have jobs that were even worse! MSN made a list of the 19 worst first jobs that celebrities had before they found fame and some of them are pretty bad.

  1. Miley CyrusHer very first job was to pick up the bras and underwear that were thrown at her dad on stage while he was performing.

    “I’d get a really big one and be like ‘Dad! look I found your biggest fan!'” she said.

  2. Kanye WestAt the age of 15, he worked for Gap. He’s actually proud of his time there, saying in an interview that he wants to be the Steve Jobs of Gap and make it better.
  3. Beyoncé Knowles CarterEven Beyoncé had a first job, believe it or not! Her mother owned a salon and she was in charge of sweeping up the hair.

So, if you’re stuck in a job that you absolutely hate, there may be big things coming your way!

Get the full list HERE.


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