Daughters Refused To Clean Their Room, So Mom Hijacks Belongings

Every adult remembers their childhood. They’re typically tear-jerking stories that are told to help paint a picture of times past and how adults weren’t….well….always adults.

Every kid has had their arguments and run-ins with their parents. Whether it be chores or schoolwork, punishment followed suit when you ignored your parents anger, which was actually just a plea to follow a better path.

One mom decided to teach her daughters a lesson when they ignored her demand to clean their rooms. When she hit the last straw, Alice Velasquez decided to scrounge together all their belongings that weren’t picked up and put them in garbage bags.

The bags were mixed, some had socks and a laptop charger while others had trash that was laying around and clean clothes.

The price of each garbage bag? $25. Which could only be earned by doing various household chores.

“What do you do when you are DONE telling your teenage daughters to stop letting their room look like homeless people live there?” she wrote on Facebook. “You put everything (YES EVERYTHING) into plastic bags.”

It’s an out-of-the-box punishment that went viral.

You can see the photos and the rest of her story at LittleThings.


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