Women May Actually Need More Sleep Than Men

If you’re a woman who is currently yawning over her computer at work, you’re not alone! Women everywhere spend their mornings drinking cup after cup of coffee, just wishing they could close their eyes for one more moment of peaceful sleep.

If you’re a woman who knows this feeling all too well, there’s actually a reason! Women’s brains are wired to need more sleep, according to Cosmopolitan.

Brigid Schulte, the writer of the best selling book, Overworked: Work, Love and Play when No One Has the Time, said in an interview that women are so exhausted all the time from both mental and emotional labor. The mental labor that women’s brains go through is from things like remembering special occasions, remembering to feed to family, etc. The emotional labor is from taking care of the sick kids, making sure everyone is happy and healthy, and other things that take an emotional toll, according to the author.

Lack of sleep can affect our memory, make us irritable, and even slow our reactions. Women have so much on their plates at all times, and should never feel bad about taking a quick twenty minute power nap to get them through the day. So ladies, put down the coffee and grab a pillow!



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