Things That Were Definitely Better When We Were Kids

There are some things that are just better when you’re a kid, and I found that out the hard way yesterday! It’s so hot! But, it is summer in Sacramento, so we’re trying to find some fun ways to keep cool, that don’t involve setting the A/C at 68 degrees and going broke. So, we bought a slip and slide, but it’s not just ANY OLD slip and slide… it’s a HUMAN BOWLING slip and slide with inflatable bowling pins and everything!

So, Dan went light headed yesterday blowing air into all 6 pins and then we got down to business! But, the kids weren’t doing it right. Like, how do they not know how to slip and slide? You just run, dive and gravity does the rest, right? Well, trying to be the cool mom, I thought I’d show them how it’s done. So… I ran… dove… and OUCH!!! Because… BOOBS!!! I clearly haven’t done a slip and slide since I started wearing a bra. And, my son was like, GREAT JOB MOM!!!! Want to go again? Um… no…  I said as I was half hunched over, hobbling back to my seat. I seriously do not remember that being so painful… so, it got me thinking… what else was WAY BETTER when we were kids?

How about..

Cartoons. Am I right? They were amazing when we were kids, so real and believable. Now I can hardly sit through them!

Pigging out. That was the best as a kid. Donuts for breakfast. Three bowls of cereal. Mac and Cheese like every single day. Now, instead of enjoying donuts or ice cream, I feel nothing but food guilt. Like, how long am I going to have to exercise to negate the 500 calories?

And, things that were definitely better as a kid. Riding a bike. Am I right? As a kid… we could ride our bikes for hours! Now I ride for 10 minutes and can’t walk the next day…. Like when did those seats get so uncomfortable!? I want my banana seat back!

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