Is Your Mac And Cheese Toxic?

Hold on! This effects EVERYONE, everywhere. Who doesn’t serve this delicious cheesy goodness to their kids every once in a while? Well, this latest report might have you rethinking that! According to a new study, chemicals that have been banned from teething toys have been found in macaroni and cheese products.

The New York Times ran the story that came from a group of consumers, doctors, scientists and health advocates. That group tested 30 different cheese products and found ‘phthalates’ in 29 of them, including shredded and string cheese. Phthalates have been linked to genital birth defects in baby boys and even behavioral problems in older kids. The highest concentration of the phthalates was found in mac n cheese, the kind that comes in a box with a powdered cheese mix. And, if you think you’re okay because you buy organic… not the case! Those brands also had the highest concentrations.


Following the study, one researcher said, “Our belief is that it’s in every mac ‘n’ cheese product — you can’t shop your way out of the problem.” So, why are companies still able to sell these products? Phthalates are not banned in the U.S., yet.


Might be best just to make the mac n cheese… gasp… from scratch! I mean, it’s not that much harder, right?

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