This Simple Trick Will Help You If You’re A Worrier

If you’re a worrier, this WILL HELP! There’s one in every relationship. A worrier. I am the worrier in my relationship! I’ve literally worried BECAUSE I had NOTHING to worry about! Dan doesn’t worry about anything. Nothing. He just doesn’t have that gene. Good thing I do! Otherwise, I’m sure our house would have burned down by now.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve turned around to make sure my curling iron was off, or I’ve gotten out of bed to double check someone turned off the oven. If you’re the kind of person who spends the whole ride to the airport worrying that you accidentally left something on or didn’t lock a door, try this! Take a picture! Seriously. Before you leave the house to go on vacation, take a picture of your thermostat, your oven, your iron, the front door, the garage door… whatever it is you worry about! That will not only lock it into your mind, but you’ll also have photo evidence should you need to refer to it. That will help keep you from playing the, “Did I… ” game on the first part of your vacation!  

Boom! Worry gone. Now you can just worry about whether all the bags made it in the car and whether you needed to confirm your hotel reservation… and whether you remembered to pack your toothbrush!! At least you won’t have to worry about burning the house down!

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