Your Brain Is Tricking You Into Liking More Expensive Wine

This might just kill you if you’re a self-proclaimed wine snob! Hopefully our boss IS NOT listening!! He must spend 10% of his paycheck on good wine… and it’s all for naught!

Expensive wine tastes better, right? WRONG! We’ve all done it, bought an expensive bottle of wine for a special occasion… and it sure does seem to taste better. But, when it comes to wine, the more expensive it is, our brain actually tricks us into liking it more.

Researchers at the University of Bonn did a study with 15 men and 15 women, all about 30 years old, and hooked them up to an MRI scanner while they sipped wine. Some of the wine cost $3. Some $7. And, others $21. But, GET THIS, unbeknownst to them, they were actually sipping the same bottle of $14 red. And guess what!?!? Everybody, man and woman said the more expensive bottles tasted better.

And, get this! Enjoying the “more expensive” wine was also consistent with whether the people were told they had to pay for it or not. FREE WINE ALWAYS TASTES BETTER!! And the brain activity on the scans backed up the tasters’ claims that the pricier wine was better on the palate. So, your brain is literally playing tricks on you.

So, good news for your budget, right? No need to shell out 20 or 40 dollars more for a nice bottle of wine. The cheap stuff will do, just tell yourself it’s expensive!

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