Science Confirms: Happy Wife, Happy Life

It’s not just some cutesy saying that rhymes! It turns out there is a whole heck of a lot of truth to this! A study out of Rutgers University finds happiness in your marriage is largely determined by whether the wife in the relationship is happy. Basically what they found is if she’s miserable, so is her husband and the relationship is pretty much in the pits. However, they also found if the husband is the miserable one, the relationship suffers way less! Ala… happy wife, happy life. That’s some major power we wield, ladies!

The researchers looked at 394 couples to find the philosophy behind “happy wife, happy life” and found a happy wife is more willing to please her partner. If she’s happy in her marriage, she will do things to create a more positive experience for her husband by listening more, giving him more emotional support, or even offering to help with daily chores and activities.” Meaning, when she’s happy, she’s a better partner. But, if she’s not happy, well she’s going to make darn sure you’re not too.

Researchers say the big take-away is communication. If you’re not happy… you need to talk about it, otherwise you might just be doomed. So… gentlemen… buy her flowers, rub her feet… take the trash out without her asking… it will go a long way to YOUR overall happiness!

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