My Thoughts On The Anthem Protests

By now you probably have an opinion on the National Anthem protests in the NFL and the President weighing in. I don’t want to focus on that, but this. No matter how you feel about the protests or our current President or the former president, I think the bigger issue here is what we’ve been reduced to by so many outside influencing factors. We’re constantly being divided and labeled. What would happen if today, instead of focusing on what divides us or makes us different, we focused on what unites us? That we’re Americans. That we’re fortunate to all live in this incredible nation that affords people opportunities you cannot find anywhere else in the world. I mean, truly, when is the last time you looked at someone simply as a fellow American? It’s probably been a while, because we’re constantly being told to look at people as WHAT they are, instead of WHO they are. What would happen if today, you challenged yourself to look at people as fellow Americans, instead of labeling them by their gender, political party, income, where they live, beliefs or their sexuality? I don’t know about you, but I’m just so tired of being divided. And, it’s coming at us from everywhere. We’re more than our gender. More than our political party. More than the color of our skin. More than our income level. More than our education level. More than where we grew up or where we live. We’re Americans. Let’s focus on what unites us, instead of what divides us.

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