Here’s What NOT To Say To Your Wife

No… it has nothing to do with her appearance… because seriously, most men if they’re marriage material know not to comment on any of that!

A woman in Britain sure struck a nerve with frustrated wives everywhere when she posted on the online forum Mumsnet the ONE phrase her husband says that she HATES! That phrase? ‘If you want me to do something, just tell me.’ The mom then asked fellow women if she was being unreasonable for getting so irritating writing, ‘Why do I always have to be the one that thinks about what needs doing domestically?’

The chat blew up with other women saying that phrase drives them crazy too and then adding on phrases of their own. So, we asked listeners the phrase you hate hearing from you sig-other. And that too blew up!

While Dan is usually pretty good at pitching in, sometimes when I ask him to do something… like 20 minutes will go by (or 5) and I’ll ask him again and he’ll say – which drives me crazy – “Oh, you mean NOW!?”  YES!!!!

Check out some responses on Facebook and some of the texts we got from listeners below. (You can text us any time at 96961. You may get a confirming text message, message and data rates may apply.)

  • I got it…I got it…
  • My husband thinks it’s funny when he hasn’t gotten something done to say when I say I’ll do it,I’ll do, it you don’t have to remind me every six months.
  • It wasn’t my husband or I would be divorced! my girlfriend’s husband said if I wanted to do laundry I wouldn’t have gotten married!
  • Put it on the list…
  • I absolutely hate chop chop!!!
  • When discussing where to go to dinner: You pick, I picked last time (he says this every time, regardless of who actually picked last time) Amber
  • I think you need some wine
  • I didn’t say that”
  • He says “oh i forgot to tell you” its an issue because its ALWAYS followed by some trouble he got in to!
  • My friend says you know a lot and it drives me nuts
  • Whatever you say
  • When my husband says. I did a load of laundry for you or I folded the towels for you. As if it’s my sole responsibility to do the laundry.
  • Yes Dear! {Mimi}
  • Do you want me to help , yes DAMMIT, why do I need you to ask me
  • “I’m just joking ” (not funny) Susan
  • You’ll get over it.
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