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New Site Finds Last-Minute Travel Deals and Adventures!I love adventures, and will definitely be giving this a try!
Skip The Teeth Whitening - Eat These Fruits and Veggies!Who knew!?
George Clooney On Twins: 'It's Going to Be an Adventure!'Future dad George Clooney gushes over his twins.
This Purse Holds Your Wine And Comes With A Wine SpoutNow you can have a drink anywhere.
Guy Proposes To Girlfriend By Hiding Ring In Chicken NuggetsSome want their proposal against a beautiful backdrop, others just want it with some chicken nuggets.
Police Help 5th Grader With Homework After She Messaged Them On FacebookSeems the police were glad to help!
Can Not Having Your Phone Give You Similar Symptoms of PTSD?Maybe we should teach ourselves and those around us to put the phone down a bit more?
Could We See Real Life Woolly Mammoths?It looks like "Jurassic Park" technology could be right around the corner.
Drinking Tequila Could Help You Lose WeightDrinking can definitely round up some extra calories you might need, but that might not be the case with Tequila...
Beer Company Offers Workers Pup-ternity Leave For Workers With Puppies.We're thinking we should get a dog for the office now...
Disney's Club 33 Is So Exclusive It Has A 14-Year Wait ListDisneyland is known for being a magical place where dreams are made, but there are some things so well hidden that you didn't even know it existed.
Top 10 Phobias In The WorldDo you have any of these common phobias?

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