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A Parrot Ordered Something On Amazon Using Alexa

A 39-year-old woman named Corienne Pretorius from London recently got a random package from Amazon:  A $13 pack of gift boxes.  She hadn’t ordered it and had no idea how it wound up at her […]

Mix 96–09/22/2017

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes This Year Are…

People are starting to search for ideas for their Halloween costumes, and there are already signs of what’s going to be popular this year. A website called Lyst analyzed Pinterest searches to figure out the […]

Mix 96–09/22/2017

A Woman Gets Help After Hurricane Irma by Making a Sign Saying She’s a “Hot Single Female”

Hey, when you’re fighting for limited resources after a record-breaking natural disaster, use whatever you’ve got, I guess. A 37-year-old woman named Kynse Leigh from Fort Myers, Florida couldn’t get anyone to come fix her […]

Mix 96–09/21/2017

A Guy Stacks Six Rafts on Top of Each Other and Goes Down Some Rapids

This seems like excessive danger for no good reason.  Some guy stacked six rafts on top of each other, so the top raft was about 15 feet off the ground.  Then he took the whole […]

Mix 96–09/21/2017

Six Wedding Guests Showed Up in the Exact Same Dress

Hey, here’s something worse than showing up to a party and seeing someone else wearing your outfit.  Showing up and seeing FIVE other people wearing it. A woman named Debbie Speranza from Sydney, Australia went […]

Mix 96–09/20/2017

Eight Signs You Could Live to Be 100

The world’s oldest person passed away last Friday . . . a 117-year-old Jamaican woman named Violet Brown.  She held the title for about five months after the LAST oldest person in the world died in April. […]

Mix 96–09/20/2017

There’s A Sexy FAKE NEWS Costume On Sale For Halloween

Now we’ve seen it all!

Mix 96–09/18/2017

Viral: Police In Lincoln Share “It” Parody Picture

This. Is. Awesome!

Mix 96–09/18/2017


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