Marilyn Nelson

All The Changes Amazon Is Quickly Making To Whole Foods

Prices have been slashed, product reps have been banned, and they’re hiring!

Mix 96–9 hours ago

Researcher Says This Saturday Will Be The End Of The World

If you believe Christian numerologist David Meade, this weekend will be your last one ever.

Mix 96–09/20/2017

Billy Bush Splits From Wife After Almost 20 Years

It’s been a not so great year for Billy Bush.

Mix 96–09/20/2017

Gwen Stefani Drops Hints About A Christmas Album!

Who’s ready for Christmas music? Gwen Stefani seems to already be in the spirit!

Mix 96–09/19/2017

The Most Dangerous Person On The Internet

Security firm McAfee released it’s list of most dangerous celebrities to search for online.

Mix 96–09/19/2017

McDonald’s Switching Out Happy Meal Apple Juice

McDonald’s Happy Meals are getting a little bit healthier.

Mix 96–09/18/2017

Crayola Newest Crayon Gets A Name

Crayola announces the name of it’s new blue hue.

Mix 96–09/15/2017

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Beth Chapman Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

Beth Chapman will have emergency surgery, possibly this weekend.

Mix 96–09/15/2017

Ed Sheeran Plans To Ask Taylor Swift To Be Godmother Of His Future Children

Who wouldn’t want Taylor Swift as their godmother?

Mix 96–09/14/2017

American Idol May Be Delayed

With a lack of judges and a Katy Perry’s ‘Witness’ tour looming, producers are scrambling.

Mix 96–09/14/2017


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