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How ‘Frozen’ Should Have Ended

So Frozen was kind of big deal. Heck, it’s still a big deal! If you have a little girl, you most likely saw the movie five times in the theater, was forced to buy the Blu-ray [...]

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Google Glass Goes On One Day Sale Today!

Google Glass seems to be the next big thing in technology. The wearable device allows you to access the Internet without even taking out your cell phone. Who knew that such a task was possible? [...]

Mix 96–04/15/2014

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30 Songs, One Minute. No Problem!

Think you are a pretty good musician? How about a pretty good guitar player? I have a challenge for you: You need to play thirty songs on the guitar in one minute. Yes, thirty songs in [...]

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NBC Wants Your ‘Ground-Breaking’ Ideas For A Sitcom

How does the quote go? “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” Well, that is certainly true in the television world. It seems now-a-days it is more common to watch one of our favorite characters be killed [...]

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These Former Interns Claim To Have Created The Doritos Taco

Imagine you are driving on the freeway. You are just doing your normal routine when you notice a billboard. A billboard that is advertising a product. A product you helped come up with almost 20 [...]

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That Scotch You’re Drinking Just Got Greener!

To quote Ron Burgundy: “I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly…” I can agree with the above statement. Scotch is yummy and amazing. For some of us, having a glass [...]

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DWI: Driving While Ice-Creamed

I love ice cream. I’m pretty sure most of you love ice cream as well. The cold treat has warmed our hearts since we were all children. Heck, the spring time weather just calls for [...]

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Chipotle’s Secret Menu Is No Longer A Secret!

Chipotle is a hot spot for lunch. The folks over there are nice, fast, and make amazing food. From the burritos to the tacos, the food is filling and down right delicious. Did you know [...]

Mix 96–04/02/2014

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Netflix Loves Bacon Like The Rest Of Us!

Mmmmmm bacon. Bacon bacon bacon bacon. I love bacon. Do you love bacon? Of course you love bacon! Unless you are vegan or vegetarian, then it is understandable if you don’t like bacon. Though, everyone must [...]

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Russell Crowe Does A Fantastic Cover Of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’

Russell Crowe has some pipes on him. Trust me, he does. We all know he is the tough Gladiator type but the Aussie can sing. No, I am not saying this because I finally got around [...]

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