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A cyclist rides on a lit street at night.

Crazy Video Of Cyclist Crashing Into A Deer

This happened in Sausalito and there’s really nothing this rider could have done… and it’s all captured on his helmet camera! The deer comes out of nowhere. Fortunately the cyclist is okay.   More Stories […]

Mix 96–12/18/2014

people run on treadmills in the gym

WATCH! Guy Falls Off Treadmill While Ogling Woman And Tries To Recover By Doing Push-ups

Hopefully this guy isn’t married… because it was all caught on video!! (He’s sure to have some explaining to do)! A guy at the gym was running on the treadmill when a red headed woman […]

Mix 96–12/18/2014


Coca-Cola Drops American Idol

American Idol’s ratings have been in a steady decline for several seasons now… and advertisers are noticing. A source from Coca-Cola is confirming they and Fox are parting ways for the upcoming season, which means […]

Mix 96–12/18/2014

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sacramento Police Officers Help Homeless Family Of 5

This is such a great time of year. It’s a time when we hear so many feel good stories about every day, average people doing good things for others. And, that includes right here in […]

Mix 96–12/16/2014

Elf on the Shelf Tea Party

25 Reasons Why Your Elf Forgot To Move

It happens… right? We all start out with the best of intentions… and the Elf is on his game in the beginning! (Here’s ours having a tea party). But then, day 16 rolls around… and […]

Mix 96–12/16/2014


How To Wrap A Gift In 10 Seconds

Before you watch this video, you need to know that the gift is a standard looking box and we all know those are the easiest to wrap. But still… ten seconds? That’s impressive!  

Mix 96–12/16/2014


Check Out Sam Smith’s Latest Video

This guy has a beautiful voice. He’s kind of like the guy version of Adele. I’m pretty sure I’ll like most anything he puts out.   More Stories You May Like:

Mix 96–12/15/2014

(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Never Before Seen Disney Movie FOUND!

This isn’t something you hear every day! According the the Huffington Post Before Mickey Mouse was born, Disney made it’s first ever Christmas movie called “Empty Socks” featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The film was […]

Mix 96–12/12/2014

Dan and Michelle

The Answer To Dan & Michelle’s Mind Mixer

We get calls and emails all the time from people asking for the answer to our Mind Mixer. So We’ve decided to start posting the question and answer here everyday. Enjoy! -December 17- Question: Roughly 25% […]

Mix 96–12/08/2014

(Photo by Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

World’s Largest (And Most Impressive) Wedding Proposal

We’re all pretty used to hearing about over-the-top wedding proposals, but this is the largest and most exhausting gesture of love we’ve ever heard about. According to Daily Mail a guy in Japan, Yassan, decided […]

Mix 96–12/08/2014


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