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Am I A Bad Parent If I Want To Destroy A Kids Book?

One of my favorite things we do as a family is reading to Jackson, our three (almost four)-year-old son. If you’re  a parent, I’m sure you understand. However, I let him pick out the books. [...]

Mix 96–2 hours ago

road construction

Our #Fix50 Poem

We know that if you travel on 50 to get to work and get home, you’re going through quite a bit of frustration with the Fix 50 construction. To ease the pain, I wrote you [...]

Mix 96–04/23/2014

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More Women Doing More Manly Chores

Who’s more likely to do the manly chores in your house? You or your guy? Get this…women are now more likely to do traditionally MANLY CHORES…than ever before! Since the start of time there has [...]

Mix 96–04/23/2014

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Gets Brian Williams To Rap ‘Gin and Juice’

Well, not really. Some VERY creative editors at the Jimmy Fallon show have put together a funny mashup from Brian William’s newscasts that will have you thinking he’s actually rapping the classic “Gin and Juice.” [...]

Mix 96–04/22/2014

"Think Like A Man" Screening

A Question That Put The Fear Of God In These Men

I haven’t seen “Family Feud” in a long time. But, I’ll see clips floating around online from time to time. That’s what happened on this one. These two guys were asked a seemingly innocent question [...]

Mix 96–04/17/2014

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Jenny McCarthy Is Engaged! Hear How It Happened (So Sweet).

Jenny McCarthy snagged herself a New Kid on the Block–Donnie Wahlberg. We all might have been jealous 20 years ago, but now we’re just happy they’ve found love. They haven’t been dating too long, but [...]

Mix 96–04/17/2014

"Antiques Roadshow" Executive Producer Marsha Bemko speaks onstage during the ' Antiques Roadshow/'Treasures from History and Hollywood' ' panel discussion in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

When Did You Become An Adult?

I think most women are adults at 18. Seriously! You know, they plan, execute their plans and seem driven. Men? Well, men marry girls and hope they can do all the tough stuff for us until [...]

Mix 96–04/16/2014

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Would YOU Change the TP Roll At Someone Else’s House?

We got into a deep conversation with our boss yesterday about… TOILET PAPER! Of all things, right? That’s what we had a 20 minute conversation about. We all agreed that the toilet paper should go [...]

Mix 96–04/16/2014

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Kids React To The Walkman

Remember the cassette Walkman? Oh ya, good stuff! Remember when the technology improved, and you could actually fast forward to the next song? Oh man, that was sweet. Kids these days have no idea what [...]

Mix 96–04/15/2014

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Taco Bell’s Super Secret Menu

We always love hearing about “secret menus” at restaurants. It’s kind of fun to think there’s an entirely BETTER menu that only a select few know about! Well, that is until someone lets the cat [...]

Mix 96–04/14/2014