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This Is What Heaven Tastes Like!

Well… we mean… if it had a taste… it would probably taste something like deep fried CHEESECAKE with powdered sugar on top! Or, deep fried anything really. Except my shoe. That probably wouldn’t taste too [...]

Mix 96–07/25/2014

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Complaints We All Have When It’s Hot!

Be honest… have you been complaining about the weather? It’s just kind of something we do when it’s really hot. Or really cold. Or really windy. We complain. It’s like a common denominator. We can [...]

Mix 96–07/25/2014

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Find Out What Celebrity YOU Look Like?

We all have a doppelganger… right? You know, a celebrity look-a-like. Well, now a website will tell you which celebrity you look most like… all you have to do is upload a photo. Easy enough [...]

Mix 96–07/25/2014

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Spelling Mistake On UC Berkeley Diploma Goes Viral!

This isn’t something you hear about every day: a spelling mistake on a diploma from a higher learning institution. Don’t they have spell check over there at UC Berkeley? You know… the red squiggly line that [...]

Mix 96–07/24/2014

50 Shades of Grey

The ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Trailer Is Out

You read the book, or didn’t, or did but won’t admit it. Now, we’re that much closer to the movie. Here is the official movie trailer: More Stories You May Like:

Mix 96–07/24/2014

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Flight Attendants Anonymously Reveal Bad Behavior On Flights

Apparently flight attendants don’t like people who fly with kids as much as the rest of us!   I think at some point we’ve all been on a flight… or waiting in the gate at [...]

Mix 96–07/23/2014

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Adele’s Son Wins 5 Figure Settlement

It’s a ruling that could change how things are done here in the states when it comes to the privacy of celebrity kids. Not too long ago Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry were here in [...]

Mix 96–07/23/2014

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More And More Women Are Climaxing At The Gym

If you just can’t seem to find motivation to get to the gym and do those crunches… THIS might help!! Seriously, we’re all busy right? Work. Kids. Dinner. Bed time repeat. It’s like sometimes it [...]

Mix 96–07/23/2014

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61 Things You May Not Have Known About ‘Friends’

Friends was such a fun show. We still catch an episode here and there in syndication. And, even though it’s a little cheesy now… we still love it. They were iconic and a part of [...]

Mix 96–07/23/2014

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Here Are The Foods Skinny People Eat

According to RedBook, there are some foods skinny people eat every single day. Not surprisingly, the list is not made up of my favorite foods: pizza, hamburgers and steak. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the [...]

Mix 96–07/22/2014