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Thank YOU For Helping Us Raise Money For The Red Cross

Probably a lot like you, we’ve been watching the news coverage and just wanted to do something to help the hundreds of people being evacuated because of the King Fire. We’d been talking about way [...]

Mix 96–09/19/2014

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

T-Rex Planet Is In Woodland This Weekend!

OK kids of all ages, LISTEN UP! How would you like to walk with the dinosaurs? Maybe even snap a selfie? Oh yeah! Woodland is where to go this weekend for “T-Rex Planet!” Take a [...]

Mix 96–09/19/2014

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Meet The YouTube Kid Who Makes MILLIONS Reviewing Toys

A lot of YouTube celebrities start making hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time they’re 18 or 19.  But here’s an even MORE extreme example of how you can hit it big super early [...]

Mix 96–09/18/2014

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A Website Dedicated To Passenger Shaming

It’s the world we live in right… nothing’s private… every click of the camera is a chance to go viral or share an experience. And now, you’re not even safe on a flight! A new [...]

Mix 96–09/18/2014

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Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day With Savings

Cheeseburgers have their own day… so we must celebrate… right? Who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger? Five Guys. Smashburger. Inn-N-Out. Squeeze In. So many good places to celebrate! And, if you want to save a [...]

Mix 96–09/18/2014

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Watch The Litterbug Vigilante!

How much do you hate litterbugs? Well, THIS video shows one person who gets payback and does it on a whole new level. She’s on a motorcycle and when she sees someone throw something out [...]

Mix 96–09/17/2014

Dan & Michelle on their wedding day (Photo By: Rachel Allred)

Hot Wife, Happy Life

I hope you’re sitting down… research has found the key to a happy life…is a HOT WIFE, according to Huffington Post! Yesterday we talked about research that confirmed that a happy wife is the key to [...]

Mix 96–09/17/2014

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The “Apparently Kid” Gets A TV Commercial

Remember that cute little red headed kid who was interviewed at his local county fair over the summer? He kept saying apparently and went viral for his cuteness. He’s been on Ellen and now he’s [...]

Mix 96–09/17/2014

Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

Foods That Make You Stink

Sometimes it’s worth it to get onions piled high and deep on your Subway sandwich. You know your breath will need some help, but it’s so good. That’s a given. But there may be some [...]

Mix 96–09/16/2014

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Sex-Based Phobias You’ve Never Heard Of… Until Now

There are a lot of common phobias we’ve either heard of or have right? The fear of heights. The fear of spiders. Fear of the dark. But, there are probably some  you haven’t heard of [...]

Mix 96–09/16/2014


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