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Meet A Guy Who Doesn’t Have Any Money And Turned Down One Million Dollars

Meet Jerome. You may not know him, but if you’re on Vine you have probably seen his videos. He’s likable, funny and sometimes just flat out crazy. He’s got something like 7 million followers on [...]

Mix 96–14 hours ago


Starbucks Has A ‘Secret’ Halloween Drink

Why is everything a secret? Secret menu items here and there just seems so ridiculous… right? I mean, if Starbucks just released the Halloween drink… we’d still talk about it… and probably would have bought [...]

Mix 96–15 hours ago

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Picture Of An Elderly Man Dining With His Wife’s Photo Goes Viral

This is the the kind of love I think we all hope we have or find. This story brought tears of sadness and joy to my heart. An elderly man was spotted eating at an [...]

Mix 96–10/29/2014

Dan and Michelle

Parents: Put Down Your Phone!

I want to start out by saying that I’m not perfect, nor do I pretend to be nor do I write this entry from a pedestal. I can be just as guilty of being on [...]

Mix 96–10/29/2014

Photo by Scott Brinegar/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Disney Villains Like You’ve Never Seen Them

This is really good. You know the One Republic song “Counting Stars,” right? Well, this is done by Disney villains with just a little bit of a twist. If you love these villains, you’ll LOVE [...]

Mix 96–10/28/2014


Kelly Clarkson Cover’s Taylor’s “Shake It Off”

We haven’t heard too much from Kelly Clarkson since she became a new mommy… but we’re hearing her now and she sounds great! Listen to her beautifully cover Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off” while [...]

Mix 96–10/27/2014

Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images

Viral Video: Girl Loses It When She Learns She Won’t Meet First President

It’s a pretty special thing to get to meet ANY sitting or former president, but this little girl absolutely loses it when she learns she will never, ever get to meet our first president, George [...]

Mix 96–10/27/2014

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Dutch Bros. Helping Families Of Fallen Deputies

All Sacramento area Dutch Bros. are holding a proceeds day on Wednesday, October 29th to raise money for the families of the two fallen deputies from Friday’s shooting rampage. And, they’re not just donating 10% [...]

Mix 96–10/27/2014


Should Toys ‘R’ Us Be Selling Breaking Bad Dolls?

Is this a whole lot of making something out of nothing or does Aaron Paul have a point? The hullabaloo all started when a Florida mom started a petition for Toys ‘R’ Us to pull [...]

Mix 96–10/24/2014

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Goats Screaming “The Imperial March” from “Star Wars”

The whole ‘screaming goats’ thing seems like it had its day a year or two ago, but it’s died down a lot since then.  Even so, each time I hear them scream, I laugh hysterically. [...]

Mix 96–10/23/2014


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