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dana headshot DanaDana is thrilled to join Mix 96. She knew she wanted to be on the radio when she was very young. When she was in 8th grade, her parents finally let her have a phone in her room, and she started calling the local radio station so much she drove the DJs nuts. The persistence paid off though, because she landed an internship at that station in Boston when she was 14. It would be about seven years before she landed her first on-air job in Portland, ME. Since then, she’s worked on the air in Boston, Tampa, Nashville, LA, Hartford, Sacramento and Washington, DC. She has two children: an 11-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son; and she loves taking them to kid-friendly events. She is obsessed with Adam Levine, loves The Script, adores Taylor Swift and always seems to have the latest Katy Perry song playing non-stop in her head. She also has a thing for celebrity gossip and will share lots of it in her Dana’s Dirt feature which has run on several radio stations all over the country.

Watch: Stranded Man Rescued From Raging River

When this man was accidentally swept down a river, the only thing stopping him from falling down a waterfall was a partially submerged boulder.

Mix 96–11 hours ago

Learn The Warning Signs To Protect Your Dog From Heat Stroke

Recognize the warning signs of heat stroke in your pup so you can both stay happy and healthy this summer!

Mix 96–14 hours ago

Google Hit With Record $2.72 Billion Fine For Illegal Actions

This is the highest fine ever imposed in Europe for anti-competitive behavior, and they could have to pay even more!

Mix 96–15 hours ago

Weatherman Gets Blown Away By Wind On Live TV [VIDEO]

This guy never saw it coming!

Mix 96–06/26/2017

Man Sacrifices His Car To Save Unconscious Driver On Highway

After seeing another driver suffer a stroke on the highway, this man put his life (and car) in danger to save him

Mix 96–06/26/2017

Illegal Club Drug ‘Special K’ Found In Popular Chicken Brand

The well known party drug “Special K” has made its way out of the club and into the grocery store…

Mix 96–06/26/2017

Woman Shares Restaurant’s Secret Sauce Recipe After Being Fired

When this woman got fired from her job at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, she decided to reveal the recipe to their secret sauce.

Mix 96–06/22/2017

Ellen DeGeneres Catches Audience Member Stealing [VIDEO]

This audience member didn’t realize she was on camera when she stole gift shop items, and Ellen called her out!

Mix 96–06/22/2017

Parole Denied For Manson Family Member

Parole was denied Thursday for convicted killer Patricia Krenwinkel — a follower of cult leader Charles Manson

Mix 96–06/22/2017

(Lead image from FLICKR User Ian Muttoo)

Old Spaghetti Factory Opening This July In Sacramento

If you’re near in the Arden area, you’ll definitely want to check this place out!

Mix 96–06/22/2017

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