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22 Things You Learn Living In Sacramento

One of the first things I learned when I moved to Sacramento almost 23 years ago was that you could get great, fresh produce ALL THE TIME!!!! Another thing I learned, Fairytale Town is one of [...]

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Opa! Opa! It Is Time For The Greek Festival!

Ah…I love Labor Day weekend.  For many reasons…but most of all the for the Sacramento Greek Festival put on by the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. Every year, Dale and I head down to the convention [...]

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Hello Kitty Not A Cat? NOOOOO!!!

But…but…Hello Kitty has whiskers!!!!  Say it isn’t so! Well, I guess it is.  Yesterday, according to MSN News,  Sanrio, the creator of  Hello Kitty,  firmly stated, “Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She [...]

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Nicki Minaj, Jesse J and Ariana Grande at VMA Awards

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction

So, why is Nicki Minaj holding her dress on? Well, she didn’t want to miss her cue is the real reason. Last night watching the Video Music Awards, I was wondering that myself.  (I SHOULD [...]

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Dating Naked (NOT Naked And Afraid) And Filing Lawsuit.

Okay…full disclosure here first. I have a friend, Grant Axton, who is a line producer on the Discovery Channel show “Naked And Afraid.”  This is NOT the same show.  Sorta, but not.  I actually WATCH “Naked And [...]

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Starbucks Food Trucks!

So, we already know that Starbucks is coming out a month early with their INSANELY popular pumpkin spice latte this year (August 25th) but now, they will also be rolling out food trucks! The first [...]

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How Not To Feel Like An Old Man

Are you a man?  Are you feeling old.  Okay, then listen to your friend Jenn.  I am here to tell you 5 things that are making you feel that way. According to Men’s Fitness, you [...]

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McDonald’s Trying To Change Image

Well…I gotta tell you, they almost lost me when they dropped the “Fruit & Walnut Salad.”  That was my favorite thing.  Ok, next to their fries. McDonald’s is trying to change their image as serving [...]

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Spock’s Bride-To-Be Dies

Remember the Star Trek episode where Spock had to travel back to his home planet, Vulcan to mate or to die?  It was the first episode of the second season in 1976.  I sure remember [...]

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Want Burger King Satisfries With That? Sorry…

About a year ago, Burger King launched “Satisfries,” lower-fat French fries for those who wanted that sort of thing. Plus, they thought they would whoop-butt on age-old rival McDonald’s. Well, turns out it didn’t work. [...]

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