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How Not To Feel Like An Old Man

Are you a man?  Are you feeling old.  Okay, then listen to your friend Jenn.  I am here to tell you 5 things that are making you feel that way. According to Men’s Fitness, you [...]

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McDonald’s Trying To Change Image

Well…I gotta tell you, they almost lost me when they dropped the “Fruit & Walnut Salad.”  That was my favorite thing.  Ok, next to their fries. McDonald’s is trying to change their image as serving [...]

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Spock’s Bride-To-Be Dies

Remember the Star Trek episode where Spock had to travel back to his home planet, Vulcan to mate or to die?  It was the first episode of the second season in 1976.  I sure remember [...]

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Want Burger King Satisfries With That? Sorry…

About a year ago, Burger King launched “Satisfries,” lower-fat French fries for those who wanted that sort of thing. Plus, they thought they would whoop-butt on age-old rival McDonald’s. Well, turns out it didn’t work. [...]

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Don’t Think Of Suicide-Drink Coffee!

Personally, I am a tea drinker.  An ICED tea drinker, to be exact.  Well today I found out some good reasons that maybe I should switch to a cuppa joe instead. We have long heard [...]

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Cancer Chemical In Your Toothpaste?

You are a good girl.  Or boy.  You brush your teeth at least twice a day.  Hey, if you are Katy Perry, you do it 6 to 7 times!  You are doing what the dentist [...]

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Get An Awesome Baby Name For Their Domain

Baby names. SO important, right? Sometimes, it takes MONTHS to pick out just that perfect name. Well now, in this internet age, it would behoove you to pick out the correct name for a website [...]

Mix 96–08/08/2014

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Giraffe! It’s A Baby Giraffe At The Sacramento Zoo!

For the past year or so…actually, I think I started this right before I broke my shoulder in November,  I have found a new word, an adjective, really, to express my feelings of joy.  I [...]

Mix 96–08/07/2014


25 Cent Noah’s Bagels Wednesday!

Noah’s Bagels. Nom nom nom. Today, August 6th, is Noah’s New York Bagels 25th birthday. The founder, Noah Alper, could NOT find a good bagel in the Bay area and came up with a version [...]

Mix 96–08/06/2014

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American Idol Finalist Passes

2008.  It was season seven of American Idol.  Australian singer Michael Johns came in 8th and went on to release an album in 2009 called, “Hold Back My Heart.” Fast forward to today.  The Hollywood [...]

Mix 96–08/04/2014


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