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Bradley Cooper Works At Burger King

So…you have a huge hankering for a Whopper with extra cheese.  So…you head to Burger King and get in line.  You get up to the counter, peek into the kitchen and see…BRADLEY COOPER?  NO!  Reeeeeallly?! [...]

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Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt In The Sun…?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!   Well, maybe not after reading this story… According to WCPO in Cincinnati, a mother of two was stunned to find a barely-melted ice cream sandwich [...]

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Top 10 Frugal And YUMMY State Fair Foods

This is the last weekend for the California State Fair.  Booooooo. Every day during the fair, the folks at Cal Expo have been sending me little nuggets of fun fair facts and I wanted to [...]

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Woman Kicked Out Of Pool For Wearing “Bra And Panties”

Well actually, she wasn’t wearing a bra and panties…she was wearing an American Apparel Swim bikini. Lisa Conn went swimming in a public pool in Philadelphia last week, when two lifeguards told her to get out because [...]

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“The Late Show” To Stay In New York City

When Stephen Colbert takes over for Davis Letterman on “The Late Show” next year, he will be doing it from…New York City! Not a big surprise, but there was some speculation that the show could [...]

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Hula Hoop Yourself Healthy

I used to hula hoop when I was little.  I also used to twirl baton.  While I can still twirl pretty well, I cannot hoop as much as I used to. That’s kind of  ashame because [...]

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Boston Red Sox Ball Girl Has A “Foul Up”

So, the Red Sox were playing the Royals Friday at Fenway Park in Boston.  Kansas City’s Eric Hosmer was at bat.  The pitch.  It’s HIT over to right field.  It’s fair…but wait!  Swooping in to catch [...]

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Nestle Candy Bar Has…Uhmmm…A Pee-Pee

Have you ever heard of a “Milkybar“?  I had not either, until today.  It is a chocolate candy bar made by Nestle and not sold in the US, I guess. Anyhoo, a man who was attending [...]

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Cappuccino Potato Chips, Anyone?

The top-selling Lay’s potato chips are sour cream and onion, barbecue, sour cream and cheddar and original.  Last year they put on a contest for consumers to give them scope for inspiration with new flavor [...]

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Bridal Shower: What Do I WEAR?

I actually took three minutes and seven seconds out of my life to watch this video on Stylist  from L’Oreal and Rent The Runway to see what I should wear to a bridal shower.  Not that [...]

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