[VIDEO] Dog's Epic Fail Trying To Catch Frisbee - In Slow MotionHe didn't make the catch, but he got a great video!
FACT CHECK: Here's This Week's Actual Fake News
1 Dead, About 20 Hurt After Driver Plows Car Into Times Square CrowdThe 26-year-old driver was taken into custody and was being tested for alcohol.
BLOG: I Witnessed A Crash Today...Be careful out there, and show a little love to those around you, you never know.
A Spirit Of A Man Spotted During Accident (PIC)Do you believe in spirits?!
Paul Walker's Daughter Wins SettlementPaul Walker and his legacy will never be forgotten. This week, it was announced that his daughter, Meadow, won a $10.1 million settlement from the driver, Roger Rodus's estate.
This URL (not ours, but the one in the post) Will Crash An iPhone!The link is in the post, you're safe to read the story.
Las Vegas Crash Driver Reveals Reason For Crash!...tired?
Man Recently Died Of Injuries From A 1965 Car Crash
Wreckage On Reunion Island Confirmed To Be Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
The Florida Roller Coaster Crash That Is Floating Around On Facebook Is A Scam!It is Malware!
Justin Bieber's Grandparents In Crash!

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