NPR Tweets Entire Declaration Of Independence, Accidentally Causes OutrageNPR marked tweeted the entire Declaration of Independence on July 4, but it seems some Twitter users didn't recognize what they were reading.
Scorpion Stings Passenger On United Airlines FlightFlying can already be a stressful experience for some, and that's before scorpions unexpectedly fall from the overhead bin!
Eight-Year-Old Drove To McDonald's After Learning How To Drive On YoutubeYou can learn anything off of Youtube these days.
A Hiker That Saved A Dying Baby Bear Could Face A Year In Jail [VIDEO]Was this hiker right to save the bear, or should he have let nature follow it's course?
Teenager Jumps Into Crocodile Infested River To Impress A GirlHe jumped straight into the lake....... and into a crocodile's mouth.......
Woman's Headphones Explode During Flight To Australia [PHOTOS]She had the surprise of her life on this flight!
Woman Finds Out She Has A 140 Pound Tumor!She couldn't figure out why dieting wasn't working, then she went to the doctor...
Casey Anthony Discusses Having Another BabyJust when you thought the whole story couldn't get any weirder...
Tornado Carries Wedding Memories From Illinois To IndianaThis is such a heartwarming story
99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested [PHOTO]She was surprised to see police at her door, and they were surprised to hear why they were arresting her!
Man Found Guilty Of Stealing $1.25 Million From Simon CowellThis man broke into Cowell's house while he and his family were sleeping....
Mother Arrested For Killing Her Baby With A Spoonful Of SaltShe did it to "impress" her husband...

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