Chimpanzee Celebrates 41st Birthday [VIDEO]Happy Birthday Foxie!
Grandmother Killed By Hippos During Family VacationNever underestimate a hippopotamus.
Rescue Deer Thinks She's A Dog! [VIDEO]This 3-year-old deer even uses a doggy door when she wants to come in the house!
Couple Catch Neighbor Spying On Them From Inside Their Attic [VID]Not only was their neighbor in their attic, he was drilling holes to watch them.......
Mama Grizzly Bear And Cubs Follow Hiker On Trail [VIDEO]This hiker got some unexpected and slightly terrifying walking buddies: a mother grizzly and her two cubs!
Doctor In Labor Helps Another Woman Deliver BabyEven though this doctor was going through labor herself, she left her hospital bed to help another woman give birth!
Strangers Throw Bullied Girl Surprise Prom [VIDEO]After this girl was bullied into skipping prom, her community banded together to make it up to her.
Watch: Former Owner Surprises Dog In Adorable ReunionThis dog got a package containing a big surprise: her former owner!
Friendly Goose Runs With Fitness Class [VIDEO]This morning exercise class got a surprising new member: a wild goose!
This 86-Year-Old Former Jewel Thief Has Been Arrested Again!A woman that became infamous after stealing a 10-carat diamond in the 70s has been caught stealing again!
This Twerking Kitten Is Taking The Internet By Storm [VIDEO]Have you seen Twerk, the adorable dancing kitten?
Watch: Stranded Man Rescued From Raging RiverWhen this man was accidentally swept down a river, the only thing stopping him from falling down a waterfall was a partially submerged boulder.

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