Bonnie Tyler To Sing 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' During The Actual EclipseIn the middle of the Caribbean on the 'Total Eclipse Cruise'. Amazing.
Chimpanzee Celebrates 41st Birthday [VIDEO]Happy Birthday Foxie!
WATCH: P!nk Releases Politically Charged Video For 'What About Us'Pink blasts back into the spotlight in a big way with the first video from her upcoming album 'Beautiful Trauma'
[VIDEO] Dog's Epic Fail Trying To Catch Frisbee - In Slow MotionHe didn't make the catch, but he got a great video!
VIDEO: California Hikers Encounter Mountain LionThe clip ends with the hikers slowly backing away, but they said the encounter didn't end there.
Firefighters in Folsom Rescue Possum From Pool Drain [VIDEO]A possum took a dip in the Folsom Aquatic Center pool and got stuck in a drain. Watch the City of Folsom Fire Department rescue the possum...
WATCH: 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Cast In Ridiculous Disco Music VideoThe surreal video promotes the upcoming release of 'Guardian's of the Galaxy 2' on DVD.
Dying Woman Gets Last Wish Of A Milkshake From Almost 400 Miles Away [PICS]Her dying wish was to have her favorite milkshake - and it traveled 375 miles to get to her.
Watch Garth Brooks' Daughter Get Engaged At His Concert [VIDEO]Not only was it Allie's birthday - she got engaged at her famous dad's show, too. And it was all caught on video...
Dog Owner Makes His Adorable Puppy Clean After Himself [VIDEO]What do  you think? Cute and funny, or mean? 
Watch: Former Owner Surprises Dog In Adorable ReunionThis dog got a package containing a big surprise: her former owner!
A Superfan Eats Hot Peppers During Ariana Grande Speech (Video)He has a strong stomach!

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